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Beyond Human Resources


Morris Interactive specializes in helping start-up and small to mid-sized organizations engineer their corporate culture around the belief that talented and engaged employees are the real currency of business and the most critical element of any organization’s success strategy. Beginning with the identification of purpose and the adoption and integration of governing (core) values and the establishment of people-centered management and business practices, Morris Interactive can help any organization evolve into an enlightened professional community, able to attract, develop and retain the best talent available, resulting in exceptional employee satisfaction, extraordinary customer experience and consistent growth and prosperity.


Using only practical, common-sensible and personalized methods, Morris Interactive will evaluate your organization’s current culture and people practices and identify negative influences and obstacles limiting your success. Remedial focus will be given to the development of management competencies and the formation of leadership character and modern leadership practice. Of equal importance is making sure the right people are “on the bus and in the right seats.” (Collins, Good to Great). We will happily work with organizations at all stages of development, from getting started on the right path to a full re-imagining and re-engineering of your workplace, your workforce and your current culture.


Morris Interactive will demonstrate behaviors which are:

  • transparent and supportive of established leadership

  • committed to the development and success of the organization

  • relationship-based and hands-on, integrated into your community

  • highly approachable and engaging at all layers of your organization

  • purposeful and outcome focused

  • motivational and collaborative

  • pro-active, responsive, accessible

  • sensitive, empathetic and diplomatic


Morris Interactive will deliver solutions which:

  • are relevant and customized to your context

  • resource and empower your people

  • maximize employee engagement and productivity

  • harmonize the interests of your business with the interests of your people

  • result in an extraordinary employee and customer experience

  • increase access to the preferred regional talent pool

  • reduce employee-initiated attrition

  • help create brand identity/value and preferred employer status

Morris Interactive believes its possible: Transforming an organization from the inside-out takes vision, time, determination, courage and a shift to long-term thinking. Cultural transformation is not a program, system or “flavour of the week” strategy. It is a comprehensive re-imagining of the workplace in which people are the essence of the organization, not merely “human capital” or “human resource” or a variable cost factor. The workplace is a human community and should therefore be people-centered, purpose-driven, values-based, customer-focused, and effectively but humbly led.


Morris Interactive’s Aspiration For Your Organization

We envision professional communities assembled under a common, noble purpose (your business case defined in a way that inspires a following), governed and guided by foundational human values, virtues and behaviours, in which no one is allowed a double standard or situational exemption.

We imagine a community where the employees are excited to come to work (even on Monday morning) because they believe in the cause, they feel valued, are regularly affirmed and are working in their area of competency and interest. They even hold themselves and each other accountable for productivity and achievement. Adoption of the team model is evident in how the people believe in and support each other. Managers are competent in their duties and demonstrate the qualities and character of true leaders. They sincerely care about and are invested in the development and success of those they lead.

The Senior Leaders provide vision and inspiration and exercise their influence by consistently modelling the behaviours they promote. Leadership can make tough decisions when the greater good of the organization and its standards are at stake. The workplace is a healthy, functional environment in which calculated risk and creativity are encouraged and neither blame nor shame is assigned. The people give each other the benefit of the doubt and believe in each other.

Mutual respect and appreciation are common-place. Diversity is not just tolerated, it is valued and celebrated. Embraced is the truth that all of us are better than any of us. Fairness and courtesy are practiced in all dealings. The members of this community trust each other and deliberately cultivate trust by being trustworthy. Everyone understands that no one wins if the team loses and no one loses if the team wins.

Activity is not a substitute for achievement however an “end justifies the means” ethic will never be encouraged or rewarded. The community will not make compromises, accommodation or exercise tolerance for individuals who demonstrate a chronic inability or unwillingness to model the corporate values and principles regardless of what other “value” they may represent.