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 Business Analytics Services

At Morris Interactive, we provide businesses with three types of services, namely, business intelligence, survey design and implementation, as well as capacity building.

Business Intelligence

First, our Business Intelligence (BI) team offers easy to understand data and actionable information to you and your staff to help make informed business decisions. Our BI services help you accelerate and improve decision-making, optimize internal business processes, increase operational efficiency, drive new revenues and gain competitive advantage. It also helps you identify market trends and spot business problems. We design charts, dashboards info-graphics, as well as performance scorecards that display business metrics and key performance indicators in an easy-to-understand way.

Survey Design/ Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our survey design team will assist you in identifying the challenge or problem faced by your business. With your collaboration, we design the right data collection tools, such as “Customer Satisfaction Survey”, “Key Informant Interview”, “Focus Group Discussion”, etc. We will collect relevant data, clean it, and get it ready for analysis and decision making.

Understanding Data Driven Decisions

Our team will work with your staff to gain the basic understanding and importance of data driven decisions for your business success. We provide hands-on training regarding how to collect and use business Key Performance Indicators with MS Excel for business, Tableau, STATA, etc. that help your staff get real time insights and make smart decisions for your business.