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Community based organizations provide services and programs to the community.  Disruption of services may impact or increase risks for individuals accessing services.  It is the responsibility of the organization to continue the delivery of the services, should the organization experience a disruption in service delivery (i.e.: fire or any emergency move from a facility due to catastrophic incidents).  Business continuity plans are necessary to ensure that services are maintained in such events. The organization has developed specific plans to ensure the restoration of business, operations and governance after a disruptive event.

A Business Continuity Plan is not only of benefit to the organization. In times of stress, it is important for employees to be able to come to work and maintain a sense of normalcy. In turn, the employees are able to deliver the services to their community.


The contents of the Business Continuity Plan are to be used as a guide for providing a prompt and coordinated response to emergency situations that affect your community, thereby reducing human suffering and loss or damage to property and the environment.


The objective to this “business continuity plan” is to ensure that the organization has a planned response to major disruptions that threaten its ability to deliver its services.

This guide will identify the key components of a business continuity plan and assist the organization by outlining the areas in which it needs to consider in case of emergency.