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Governance Training

The best executive directors know that the single most important thing they can do to ensure the success of their organization is to build a great board of directors. That not only means recruiting the right people, but training and maintaining the board as well. Morris Interactive offers a variety of services in this area, whether you are looking to:

• Redesign your organization’s governance manuals/processes

• Improve your organization’s current manuals/processes

• Create governance/board of director’s manuals

• Clarify your board of director’s roles & responsibilities

Morris Interactive offers customized Governance training. Our process involves interviewing key stakeholders including board members, CEO/Director, other executives/directors and any other parties affected or involved in Governance. From this research we create customized training packages. Our experience to date includes corporations, Government bodies, First Nations and Métis organizations.

Morris Interactive researches the entire organization to understand exactly how governance policies relate to various divisions and jobs within the organization. We research the history and strategy of the organization and work closely with board members and the CEO/director to draft policies that are customized and relevant to the organization. Our process involves writing clear policies for future board members and executives/directors to follow. Our manuals explain the structure of the organization, functions and roles and responsibilities of board members and executives/director as well as protocols for how the Board should relate to each other and to executives/directors in different situations.