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Are you a safe driver? Have you ever caused an accident? What about your team? Do you employ drivers within your company?

With increasing numbers of vehicles on roads everywhere, this month we take a look at driver safety and how to lower the rate of incidents while driving.

Huffington Post published their Top 5 causes of car accidents, with four out of five related to human error. How many of these are you - or your team - guilty of?

  1. Distracted driving

  2. Drunk driving

  3. Speeding

  4. Reckless driving

  5. Rain

Transportation incidents are the top cause of workplace fatalities in the US.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) uncovered that in 2016, there were 5,190 workplace fatalities... of which 2,083 were caused by transportation accidents. This accounts for 40% of all workplace fatalities. 

The most common types of transportation accidents are:

  • Collisions between two or more work vehicles

  • Collisions between work and personal vehicles

  • Single-vehicle accidents

  • Backover accidents

  • Workers being struck by a work vehicle

  • Workers being struck by a personal vehicle

So what causes these accidents?

Distracted driving, human errors, and drugs or alcohol account for a number of accidents. And similar to the effects of alcohol, fatigue can be a problem for transportation professionals who are behind the wheel for too long. Additionally, a lack of communication or supervision is a large contributing factor. 

The good news? Many of these human risk factors can be predicted in advance...

November's Solution:
Driver Safety Quotient (DSQ)

The DSQ measures 6 Personality Dimensions that have been linked to unsafe behaviors which can lead to incidents and injuries on the road:

  • Resistant vs. Compliant

  • Anxious vs. Calm

  • Impatient vs. Patient

  • Distractible vs. Focused

  • Impulsive vs. Cautious

  • Thrill-Seeking vs. Apprehensive

Employees take a 10-15 minute online personality assessment, available in over 10 languages. Once completed, two reports are generated:

  1. Employer Report: Provides suggested interview questions and personalized coaching recommendations

  2. Participant Report: Provides self-coaching and self-study strategies to build Driver Self-Awareness