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HR Diagnostics and Tools

Morris Interactive is committed to providing you with industry leading HR trends and research to make data driven decisions within your organization. From our 360 degree feedback program to our employee experience monitor and from our HR management & governance diagnostic to our employee engagement survey, Morris Interactive has the tools to elevate your HR to new levels. Find out more about these tools below or book a complimentary overview to dive into the new age of agile HR.

Employee Engagement

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Employee Exit Survey


Understanding why people leave your organization is crucial to making employees want to stay for the long run. People leave for a wide range of reasons, and some of these reasons are entirely resolvable on your organization’s part. McLean & Company’s Exit Survey can be used as a standalone or complement the exit interview. This allows departing employees to provide feedback on key factors that impact long-term employee engagement and performance success.

Discover more about:

  • Job factors - Uncover whether recognition, training, tasks, peers, or stress contribute to employee departure.

  • Compensation and competitive intelligence - Discover if employees leave to find a better deal, what that deal is, and where they found it.

  • Manager factors - As the saying goes, “People leave managers, not jobs.” Find out if your managers are effectively managing, leading, and coaching.

  • Organizational factors - Does your organization build employee confidence? Your company vision, perception of senior management, and company culture continually build your internal brand.

  • Uncover the truth - A short questionnaire administered to departing employees can provide you with insight into areas leading to regrettable employee departure.

New Hire Survey


Ensure your recruiting and onboarding programs are effective, or risk losing top talent to disengagement. Identify both effective and ineffective organizational practices from the fresh perspective of new employees on key factors that impact long-term employee engagement and performance success.

Get vital feedback on:

  • Recruiting efforts - Find out if your job marketing efforts are successful, which paths your candidates took to find you, and whether your company is maintaining an attractive profile.

  • Interviewing process - Ensure candidates experience an organized, professional, and ethical process that accurately set their expectations for the job.

  • Onboarding process - Make sure your new hires are being trained and integrated into their team effectively.

  • Organizational culture - Is your culture welcoming and inclusive? You need to know if top talent enjoy the environment you have to offer

360 Degree Feedback

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HR Stakeholder Management Survey

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HR Management & Governance Diagnostics

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