Mathew Cey,


B. Comm

As the CEO or Morris Interactive, I am proud of the work that we have done to help grow organizations around North America. We have consulted for over 120 indigenous organizations and businesses across industries such as agriculture, public sector, mining, oil and gas, financial services and healthcare.

It's exciting to see our clients thriving - and knowing that we had a part in their growth. Their success is our success.

My favorite part of my role is developing our team - a group of character-driven people who are passionate about delivering high-impact training, assessment and advisory services for our clients.

There's nothing better than watching the organizations (and more importantly, the people involved) develop new skills and achieve new goals. As Morris Interactive grows into the future, I have a commitment to our motto, "It starts with People."


Sherry Jimmy,

Principal Consultant, Indigenous Governance and Management Services,

M.S.A, B.S.W

For the last sixteen years, I have worked almost exclusively with First Nations communities to help with governance, healthcare and economic development. My background in municipal politics and government has helped me to earn my stripes. One of my favourite things to hear is "Sherry understands how our community works."

Building capacity and leaders within our communities is a passion for me - I can see that our work directly impacts people's lives.

As I work at the community level, oversee planning and write project proposals, my goal is to build partnerships between First Nations, municipal governments and the larger society. I believe that we need to work together as people of this province and country. The team at Morris Interactive help me to enhance the quality of my work and the outcomes for our clients.


Lester Cey,

Principal Consultant, LINK Market Services

I truly enjoy meeting new people and strengthening old relationships.

My years of connecting with people in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario have helped me to see patterns and new ways that businesses can work together. When others are not sure how to enter a market or bid on a contract, I access my networks and make mutually beneficial deals that take each business to the next level.

Although I have been building partnerships for years, I recently helped a mining supplier develop a solid relationship and win bids worth millions. The smiles on each partner's face mirrored the smile on my own. If I can help your business overcome a challenge, my work is done.


Jay Fuller,

Principal Consultant, HR Services,


Having an entrepreneurial spirit of my own, I have much empathy for entrepreneurs. They take huge risks to start a venture, driven by a strong vision and a passion to be self-determining. If they are successful, one day they discover that what they’ve built is more than they can handle. Suddenly, they’ve become an employer. They also discover that they are ill-equipped to manage people.

My passion is guiding these entrepreneurs through the journey of becoming a preferred employer able to attract and retain the market’s top talent.

My professional journey has taken me from cleaning toilets as a janitor to becoming an automotive mechanic, to shop foreman, to a business partner, to a business owner/operator, to an adult student, to chaplaincy work to business executive and now as a Business and Human Resources Consultant. In all, some forty-five years working in human services. The net result is that there are very few groups with whom I can’t relate. From the shop floor to the C-suite, I’ve been there. I’ve been that person.

We provide our clients with the resources to help them define and establish their culture, train their managers, develop their people and grow their business, and their success is our success. As I think about my legacy, I hope it will be said that I poured my life into others.


Dr. Bass Chitou,

Senior Consultant, Evaluation and Analytics,


Although I appear shy, you’ll see a different man when I start talking about evidence-based decision making and data. I’ve had the opportunity to help researchers analyze data on HIV, TB and Malaria for United Nations Development Programs and I worked as a Senior Statistician for public health at the United States Center of Disease Control.

After moving to Canada in 2012 and eventually joining the Morris Interactive Team, I’ve been able to continue my passion for analysis-based policies by contributing to projects that benefit First Nations communities. One of my favorite projects was creating a community health plan that was not only funded for five years, but the business plan was so strong that it received extra funding.

Focus groups, surveys, community engagement, data collection and impact evaluations make me smile. Research can change the world.


Daniel Rauckman,

Director of Operations,


I’m the details guy. When it comes to proposals, reporting, or anything that needs to be formatted at Morris Interactive, it passes through my desk. I’m a good editor with a keen eye for detail and I take pride knowing our materials look professional when they leave our office.

My background in sports administration and a lifetime of involvement in team sports as both a player and coach has amplified my work ethic and dedication. I pride myself on the willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

It’s been gratifying to see Morris Interactive grow. We’ve become the “go-to” organization for strategic services, training and human resources. I’m proud to be a part of this team.


Bruce Simms,

Senior Consultant, Indigenous Economic Development,


In my twenty-five years of economic development with First Nation and Metis clients, I’ve had the opportunity to assist in the creation of many projects in natural resources, energy, land development, tourism and other sectors. I enjoy vetting an interesting business opportunity and seeing it through to reality.

The creative process in developing opportunities is the most rewarding part of my work. I enjoy collaborating with communities, bankers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and government officials to stitch together complex projects. Business planning and sourcing financing are also part of my work.

Over time, I’ve developed a good sense of whether a project can succeed. As a professional, I provide my clients with straightforward advice and recommendations. I’m always open for a coffee so we can “sit down and take a look at it.”


Chris Cey,

Director of Business Development

I love tackling new challenges. When I moved from my career in construction into a business development role at Morris Interactive, it sparked a new level of passion and energy for my work. I enjoy meeting new people and building strong and lasting relationships. Helping our new and potential clients solve problems leaves me with an amazing feeling at the end of the day.

Managing our digital marketing was a new area for me, but within a few weeks I transformed our social media and website into a major channel to connect with new clients. Now, I get to connect with people from around North America to help them solve their business challenges.

“Don’t forget to have a good day” is my motto and it’s an easy one to follow as I work with our amazing clients and the positivity of our great team.


Erica Smith,

Senior Facilitator,

B.Comm, CPA

Erica is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 15 years of business advisory experience across various industries, including not-for-profits, First Nations, municipalities, and other small to mid-market business within Saskatchewan. Erica began her career with MNP in Prince Albert and Regina, mainly as an assurance engagement manager, yet also enjoyed working with clients through strategic planning sessions, board and governance education, developing performance measurement systems, and leading financial fluency sessions for key management and staff.

Since 2012, Erica has continued to work with small to mid-market organizations providing accounting support and contract controllerships on an interim or contract basis. She also consults on internal financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, internal controls, board reporting, and year-end preparation.

Erica has a passion for professional education and has enjoyed facilitating and leading sessions for the CPA Western School of Business (formerly Chartered Accountant School of Business) for over ten years and -most recently- with the Edwards School of Business’ Masters of Professional Accounting program. Drawing from many years of accounting and business experience, she engages participants fully through integration of real-world examples, facilitating meaningful group discussion, and providing supplemental resources for learning and understanding.

She also loves engaging in all types of people and business facilitation and leads many sessions around leadership, communication, team building, and strategy.


Gary Mearns,

Senior Consultant, HR Services,


I’m a strong believer that good human resource practices directly contribute to the financial success of an organization. It’s with great pleasure that I am consulting for Morris Interactive on strategic human resource management.

My forty-year career in HR has covered specialist roles in recruitment, compensation, and labor relations. I like the strategy side of human resource management, solving problems and conversations about business in general. I determine what the organization’s HR needs are and then recommend solutions to help them deal with or resolve the particular challenge.

In addition to consulting, I teach and mentor HR students in the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. I’ve enjoyed camping over the years and I golf, but not well.


Kalle Curson,

Training Coordinator

I have always loved organizing events. After helping to run a provincial election, I’ve been building my logistical skills by organizing the “behind the scenes” activities for our professional training at Morris Interactive.

Anticipating and addressing problems before they happen is my forte. I also enjoy getting to know the unique needs of our clients and ensuring they are met. I keep our clients and facilitators on the same page while supplying the facilitators with everything they need to deliver world-class training. The variety of my days keeps me smiling (although admittedly, as an eternal optimist I am almost always smiling). :D


Dr. Brenda Mishak,

Senior Facilitator,


Admittedly, I am a bit of a firecracker. I’m a nurse practitioner, assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan and an Organizational Development Facilitator with Morris Interactive. Fortunately, there are similar themes to all of my work: If you want to solve a problem, you need to assess, diagnose, plan, action the plan, evaluate and keep going. In short, I follow the quality improvement strategy of plan, do, study, act. Whether it is conflict resolution, employee development, or policy reviews - they all follow a similar process.

My past career as a senior executive in Saskatchewan and Manitoba Health regions and my PhD in organizational development helped me to learn the important keys to develop employees and run a smooth organization. I bring this experience when I facilitate a group or work with communities to develop a project (plus I like to bring a little fun).

I’m not afraid to tackle challenges and I like to throw in some positive energy. As I gently nudge group participants into self-reflection, I’m known for saying, “It’s easy to look out a window, harder to look in a mirror.”


Heather Exner-Pirot,

Senior Consultant,


Heather has fifteen years of experience in Indigenous and northern economic development, governance, health, and post-secondary education.

She obtained a PhD in Political Science from the University of Calgary in 2011 and has held several positions at the University of Saskatchewan, including Research Officer at the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development, Strategist for Outreach and Indigenous Engagement at the College of Nursing, and Program Officer for the University of the Arctic Undergraduate Studies Office. She has conducted research and policy analysis for various Indigenous, government and non-profit stakeholders.

She is currently a Board member for the Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network, the Managing Editor of the Arctic Yearbook (an international, peer-reviewed annual volume), an Editorial Board member for the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, and Chair of the Canadian Northern Studies Trust.


Karri Howlett,

Senior Facilitator,

B. Comm, CFA

Karri Howlett has over 19 years of experience in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, financial due diligence, and risk analysis. She has consulted with Morris Interactive since 2015. Her knowledge is based on positions held with Malaysia Industrial Development Finance, Concentra Financial, Affinity Credit Union, and as President and CEO of North Rim Exploration Ltd., a 50% employee-owned geosciences and engineering consulting firm based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Karri led the company’s ownership transition from sole-proprietorship to 50% employee ownership and 50% institutional ownership in 2009 and has developed governance and corporate structure to support and enhance corporate growth. Karri has conducted financial due diligence and risk analysis for several business endeavors, including business advisement and financial modelling for several mining and energy projects, and mergers of financial institutions ranging in size from $75 million to $3 billion in assets.

Karri has provided governance, financial and risk analysis advisory services for First Nations, Credit Unions, and public and private businesses in a variety of industries. She currently is Chair of the Board of Directors for North Rim Exploration Ltd. Karri serves on the Board of Directors of Saskatchewan Power Corporation where she chairs the Environment Health and Safety Committee and is a member of the Governance and Human Resources Committee.

Karri holds a Bachelor of Commerce, with Honours in Finance, from the University of Saskatchewan and has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and the Chartered Director designation. An active community member, she has previously served on the boards of the Varsity View Community Association, Skate Saskatoon, and CFA Society of Saskatchewan. Karri has been involved with the University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business as a lecturer in the Department of Finance, participant in the Leadership Development Program, and a protégé in the Betty Ann Heggie Womentorship Program.


Bruce Bradshaw, (M.Ed.), Senior Education Consultant

Following an undergraduate degree in Education and working as an educator, Bruce Bradshaw received his master’s degree in Education, and followed that up with 18 years of various administration positions as a Vice Principal and Principal in California and Saskatoon. Following his time in the school system he spent 4 years as the Superintendent of Education with Saskatoon Public Schools. While in that role, Bruce was a LEADS member and his portfolio included secondary staffing, innovative programs, school safety and emergency planning curriculum, assessment & instruction (grades 9 – 12), secondary athletics, school calendar as well as direct supervision of 9 schools within the division.

Since 2016, Bruce has served as an education consultant working with a variety of school divisions as well as the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU). Bruce has completed two extensive school evaluations on First Nations schools through SELU. They were comprehensive in that they looked at all qualitative and quantitative data of the school community through the eyes of the students, parents, teachers, administrators and support staff.

Bruce has also completed three comprehensive interview assessments on program offerings. The interviews were conducted with principals, Directors, Education Councillors, Catalyst teachers, student services personnel and Elders.